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XF02 Pectoral Fly Machine

Name: Pectoral Fly Machine
Model Number: XF02
Brand Name: XINRUI
Place of Origin: Dezhou, Shandong, China
Size (L*W*H): 1270*970*1700mm
N.W.: 213kg
G.W.: 268kg
Stacks  weight: 80kg

Product FeaturesModel parameters

Features : 

1.The tube of body frame is a kind of high-quality, high-strength and large cross-section steel tube with 90*140*3.0mm ;

2. Resistance passing system adopts steel cable and high wear- resistant nylon pulley;

3. The design of cushion follows ergonomics;

4. The height of cushion adopts the damping cylinder step-less regulation;

5. Double guard boards can effectively protect the users and others.


1). Adjust the height of the seat to make the upper arm and the shoulder at the same level when the user sits on the cushion, and the forearm clings to the pad.

2). Insert the pin with the right hand to choose the suitable weight stacks.

3). Use two hands to hold the handles horizontally, then after two arms have done the smooth arc movement.

4). Although this machine is designed for two arms, single arm movement is available as well.

5). Before the end of exercise, ,put back the two arms  simultaneously, which can avoid sports injuries.




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